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Surprise Proposal | Dallas Flippen Park

Couple just engaged portraits Flippen Park. Dallas, Texas

The Elements of a Surprise Proposal

Selecting a location is the first step in preparing for a surprise proposal. The gazebo at Flippen Park was the perfect location. The park sits in a quiet neighborhood in Dallas. The beautiful park can attract crowds to the area. Luckily for Hunter, no one else was at the gazebo when we arrived.

With any experience you can expect a few things not to go exactly as planned. This surprise proposal had a few hiccups that could have affected the experience. First, the original photographer became ill and was unable to make the photoshoot. Fortunately, I was available to serve as the photographer for the shoot. Talk about a hiccup! Secondly, the surprise was almost spoiled. Ashton’s family came to the site to meet me and were still parked when the couple arrived. Then, Hunter walked to the same side of the gazebo where I was hiding. I just knew Ashton saw her brother’s truck and the surprise was spoiled. Actually, Ashton didn’t even notice anything until after she said yes and she turned around to my camera. How funny?? Although there were a few unknown hurdles, Hunter did an amazing job planning and executing the proposal.


I had such an incredible time with you at your surprise proposal and mini engagement session at Flippen Park in Dallas. This is now one of my favorite spots (thanks for the suggestion 😊) and I love the way the images turned out. It was a pleasure capturing these special moments for you both. Congratulations on your engagement and I wish you guys the best with your wedding plans and your future together!

Bride to be turned around to find her family watching her proposal in Dallas Texas park.
Just engaged surprise proposal photoshoot Flippen Park gazebo
Flippen Park gazebo couples portrait
Couple lift engagement portrait Flippen Park in North Dallas Texas.
Sunset portrait in front of gazebo at Flippen Park Dallas Texas for surprise proposal.

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