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Second Shooter Benefits

3 Reasons You Should Include a Second Photographer
Wedding planning comes with an abundance of choices. Couples are not only deciding when and where to hold their nuptials but all the details that come along with the wedding day. You’ve hired your photographer! Now comes the decision of whether you should have a second professional photographer for the big day. Let’s discuss the benefits of including a second photographer.

#1 Getting Ready

Most brides and grooms prepare for the wedding day in separate spaces. If available, wedding venues provide space for the couple to get ready at the same location. Couples will also choose to have the bride ready at a one location like a family home or and the groom may get ready at a different location. It is nearly impossible for one photographer to be in two places at the same time. By including a second professional photographer, the main shooter will concentrate on capturing the bride and bridesmaids get ready and the second shooter would capture the groom and groomsmen.


#2 More Photos

Who doesn’t love having options? A second professional photographer will provide different angles in addition to the lead photographer. Some angles are close up details of the main scene. Other angles can lead to a totally different image. Check out the images below. I was capturing the image of the couple from the side while the second photographer was able to capture a unique perspective from the back. The couple received two great images!

#3 Save Time
One of my post ceremony goals is to get the couple back to the party as fast as I can. I want the couple to have time to enjoy their friends and family. A second photographer can split the task of capturing the bridal party to cut down on time. The second photographer can also assist during family formals by gathering the groups to expedite the process. This part of the day will go by so much faster with two people.
Wedding_Springs_Event_Venue_Fort_Worth_Texas_Bridal-Party-Moni_Lynn_ImagesBonus – Insurance Plan
Hiring a professional second photographer is getting an insurance plan for your wedding. Unexpected anomalies happen when you least expect them. A second shooter can step in for the lead shooter if something were to go haywire on your day. Including a second photographer is an investment to your wedding day that will help secure precious memories for years to come. In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it!

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