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Dallas Engagement Photos : Dallas Arboretum

Engagement photos on stairs at the Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is an exquisite location for an engagement session with its beautiful gardens and stunning landscapes. Despite a cloudy overcast day, Mary and Dorian could not have picked a better day to have their Dallas engagement photos done.

Mary’s stunning white fitted dress paired with Dorian’s crisp suit made for the perfect look for their engagement session. The couple’s stylish attire was accentuated by the natural beauty of the Arboretum, creating an elegant and romantic ambiance. These two did not allow the cold weather to dampen their spirits. Mary kept warm in her coat while moving between locations. The couple’s enthusiasm and love for each other was evident in every image taken.

Engagement photos of couple dancing at the Arboretum
Intimate engagement portrait
Dallas Arboretum engagement photos

Mary decided to switch up her look by changing her hairstyle. Mary’s hairstylist was on standby with hair pins and brush to quickly assist with changes. This provided a fresh perspective and added a new dimension to their shoot. Mary’s new hairstyle was the perfect match for the romantic setting of the Arboretum.

The cloudy sky provided a unique lighting for the couple’s engagement session. The natural light allowed for soft and muted tones which brought out the true beauty of the gardens. Mary and Dorian’s love for each other shone bright, making for some of the most magical and enchanting photos. The couple’s connection was evident in every photo, making it a truly unforgettable engagement session. Just look at their joy in this candid image!

Couple engagement photos at Dallas Arboretum

Mary and Dorian’s engagement session was a beautiful representation of their love for each other. The stunning location, their stylish outfits, and their undeniable connection, all came together to create an unforgettable experience. The cloudy overcast day didn’t detract from the magic, but rather added a unique touch to their beautiful love story. If you’re looking for a location for your Dallas engagement photos, I highly recommend the Dallas Arboretum.

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Where should you have engagement photos in Dallas?

There are tons of options to have engagement photos in Dallas/Fort Worth. Check out this blog for ideas.

When is the best time to take engagement photos?

I suggest 6 to 8 months before the wedding day.

Should couple’s wearing matching outfits?

Your outfits should complement each other.

How long is an engagement session?

Engagement sessions typically lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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