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Fort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Wildflower-Wedding-Venue-Moni-Lynn-ImagesEast Texas Fall Wedding | Wildflower Wedding and Event Venue | Emory, Texas

Caleb and Meagan are both outdoorsy people so the Wedding Wildflower Venue was the perfect fit for this couple. “We fell in love with the look of the venue. We both grew up living in the country and the venue mixes the best of both of our worlds by adding a classic and rustic feel to our wedding day.” Meagan and Caleb loved the venue so much, they even had their engagement photos done here as well. Check their images out here.

Each wedding has a unique personal touch to it and this wedding did not disappoint in that area. From Meagan’s two pairs of wedding shoes ( I just love her sparkly Kate Spade Keds) to creating a brand during the ceremony to signify the creation of their new family. This was a totally new concept to me but such a cool idea.

So I have to be honest about one thing, I’m not fond of the color red. When Meagan shared with me that her colors were red and white I was a tad bit skeptical. Once I walked into the Wildflower and saw how the decor came together, my mouth literally dropped. Meagan’s family did an amazing job bringing all of the details together. The bridesmaids dresses were just the right shade of red and they look gorgeous in photographs. Red is still not at the top of my favorite color list but this wedding definitely has be embracing the color.

Over the past eight months I felt like part of the family with this group. I hate to see this part of their new journey end but I know they will have a great future together. Good luck to the Raine’s!



Fort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Table-Details-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Details-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding-RingFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Details-Moni-Lynn-ImagesBride and mom getting ready in robesRed and white bridesmaid’s robe getting ready photosEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0043.jpgBride and mom getting ready zipping up wedding gownEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0046.jpgFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bride-Portraits-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueBride and father first lookFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bride-Dad-First-LookFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Groomsmen-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Ceremony-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueWedding ceremony branding at Texas weddingFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-First-Kiss-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bridal-Party-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bridal-Party-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bridal-Party-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueThe ceremony ended about thirty minutes before sunset but were able to get in a few portraits of this sweet couple.Fort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bride-Groom-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bride-Groom-Sunset-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Bride-Groom-Sunset-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0032.jpgCaleb and his mom surprised everyone with a choreographed mother and son dance. Fantastic job! Fort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Mother-Son-Dance-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Mother-Son-Dance-Wildflower-Wedding-VenueEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0033.jpgEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0037.jpgEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0040.jpgEast_Texas_Outdoor_Wedding_Wildflower_Moni_Lynn_Images_0001.jpgFort-Worth-Wedding-Photographer-Sparkler-Exit-Wildflower-Wedding-Venue

Vendor Team

Venue : Wildflower Wedding and Event Venue

Gown: Brooke and Bre Bridal

Florist: Fantasy and Fairytale Florals

Rings: Zales

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Dillard’s

Groom’s tux and shoes: April Showers

DJ: Joe Campos

Photographer: Moni Lynn Images

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